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Finding Business Grants Tip #4
Read local business magazines and newspapers

If you live in a city - even a smaller one - chances are pretty good that there is a local business newspaper or magazine that details all the latest happenings in the local business community. And chances are also pretty good that if there are any local business grants offered to entrepreneurs who open a new business in your city, that these types of business magazines will list them.

Don't expect to find a special page just for listing business grants. It could be a small tidbit mentioned in with the "gossip" collumn or it could be mentioned within an interview with a local business person who is donating to or is involved in the awarding of specific business grants. And as an added bonus, you will also become much more in tune with the local business community, something you can definitely use to your advantage when you launch and as you grow your business.

Some business magazines are free to local businesses and can often be found in newspaper dropboxes. Others charge a subscription fee, so if budget is an issue, check with your local library to see if the periodicals section keeps copies on hand.

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