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Top ten tips for getting your business grant application accepted
Tip # 2 - Be truthful

Again, it should be obvious to most that you should be completely truthful in your business grant application, but unfortunately, not all potential business owners do this. Don't forget that a simple check can often expose a lie on your application, when in reality, often many of those deliberate ommissions really have no bearing on what the outcome of the grant application would be. But if a lie is discovered, it will most certainly immediately disqualify you from the running for that business grant. And many grant giving companies talk with others, so you could quickly find yourself blackballed from many other grants you might have been applying for.

Bottom line, answer everything honestly on your business grant application. If you are certain specific business grants would not approve you based on specific information in your background (criminal record, lack of education, previous business bankruptcy, personal bankruptcy) it might make sense for you to seek out specific business grants that do not require you to disclose the specific information you wish to keep private.

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