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Top ten tips for getting your business grant application accepted
BONUS Tip # 18 - Stay informed on new and subsequent grants

If there was a grant you thought would have been perfect for your new business but you didn't end up being the one who was awarded it, keep in touch and find out if there is a similar or identical business grant being offered the following year. Then find out what you can about the type of business that did receive the grant and what it was that stood out about that particular application, so you can focus on those areas not only for that grant the next year, but also for all your subsequent grant applications you make.

Similarly, you can also contact organizations that have offered grants in the past to find out if they have new ones available, even if you weren't able to find evidence of any new ones during your internet searches.

Try and keep informed so that you know when new grants become available, so you can be on top of it when a new application needs to be submitted for possible acceptance.



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