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Top ten tips for getting your business grant application accepted
BONUS Tip # 19 - Ensure you are eligible for grant

Yes, it may seem obvious that you need to ensure you are completely eligible for the business grant you are applying for, but as many people will tell you, business grant applications are often turned down simply because it was painfully obvious that the applicant didn't really read the eligibility requirements prior to submitting the application. The last thing you want to do is waste time to make a beautiful grant application, only to have it rejected because you skimmed over the eligibility requirements and the part that stated you had to be born in a specific state in order to apply for the grant or that you had to have previously worked for the US government to apply.

So always double check all the requirements for each business grant before you apply for it - and even before you actually put any time or effort into preparing the application at all.

If there is a requirement or eligibility condition included that you aren't 100% sure you qualify for, simply call the governing group for the grant to ask for clarification. And as an aded bonus, you have also made contact with the people granting the business grant, which can give you a slight edge up when the grants are being awarded.



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