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Top ten tips for getting your business grant application accepted
BONUS Tip # 13 - Know when to seek help

If you feel you cannot make the best busines grant application on your own, there is nothing wrong with seeking outside help so that you can increase your odds of getting the grant you need. If your skills are not in writing, hire a copywriter to write the application for you, based on the information you give him/her - be sure to proofread what the copywriter writes, so you can ensure it is completely accurate.

Are you having problems writing the financial section on your grant application, have your accountant either write or edit that part of your application so you can ensure it as good as it can be.

When you do seek outside experts to assist with your application, it also shows how serious you are about your grant application as well as your business overall. So don't worry that the grant committee will look at it as a weakness that you sought expert help on your application, but rather that they will view it as an asset to your business.


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