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Top ten tips for getting your business grant application accepted
BONUS Tip # 14 - Continue to apply for grants even after you start

Many new business owners don't realize that you can apply for grants even once you have officially launched your business. Business grants aren't exclusively for those who are in the start up or pre-launch phase (unless the business grant explicitly states that it is only for those who haven't officially launched yet). So even after you launch, you can still continue to apply for business grants, and use that money to further expand your business or to add to it in ways you wouldn't otherwise be able to do immediately.

Many people apply for grants even years after they start their business. They then use the money to purchase expensive equipment or the "latest and greatest" of what they are currently using, or even to expand into multiple locations. Ohers have used business grants to launch on online store of their current bricks and mortar business location or to bring in new employees that add great value to the business but that would require a higher pay scale than they would otherwise be able to afford.

So don't assume that just because you have launched your business officially that you can't continue to apply for grants. Unless the grant specifically states it is for pre-launch, definitely apply for it if you fit the requirements.


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