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Ten things that will get your grant application denied
Tip # 5 - One size doesn't fit all

Every single grant application you make should be tailord specifically to the grant you are applying for. This means that just because you did a grant application last month doesn't mean you can simply print it out again and send it off for the new grant you just found. While it is true that some of the information will remain the same, you want to ensure your application is focusing on the strengths you have that each grant is looking for. So you want to ensure that you are putting forward your best application for each one, and making sure it suits it. Then before you send it off, read it again. You don't want to send off an application to the "ABC grant", only to later discover you left in the fact you were applying for the "123 business grant" by accident when you were discussing some of your business strengths. Ensure each application is personalized for every one you apply for.


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