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Women's Business Grants
- Women's Financial Fund

Womens-Finance.com is proud to present our Women's Financial Fund! The fund is a non-profit private foundation which gives business grants to women who wish to start a business, or grow a business they have already begun. 

Grants for Women State-by-State - Find grants in your own state

Grants for specific diverse groups - Find grants for ethnic groups (such as African American & Native American) and grants specific for single mothers, veterans and those with disabilities. Now includes resources for immigrants & illegal immigrants.

February 2009 15 ways to find extra cash *within* the business When you might not get all the financing you need from a business grant.

January 2009 17 business plan mistakes that could jeopardize you getting that business grant

January 2009 Crafting the perfect cover letter for your grant application

September 2008 Ten reasons your grant application may be denied

July 2008 Top ten tips (now top twenty!) for getting your business grant application accepted

July 2008 Top twelve tips for finding business grants

Our next business grant has been announced! We are awarding a $500 business grant to a craft business. Click here for details and the application!

December Business Grant Winner Announced!

Why - are we giving business grants to women?  

What - type of business grants are we giving? 

Who - is eligible for a business grant

When - will the business grants be awarded? 

How - do I apply for a business grant

Donate - $5 to support the Women's Financial Fund to create more grants!

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