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The deadline for this grant application is TBA.

This application is for a $500 business grant for a craft business owned by a female.

Women's Business Grants and Womens-Finance is proud to announce the availability of our latest $500 business grant, to be awarded to a female-owned craft business. We will also award a $100 mini grant on November 15th, chosen from all applications received by that date (the winner of the mini grant is also eligible for the full $500 business grant.)

What is considered to be a craft business? This would be any business where crafting and creating products by hand, which are then sold through the business. We have a list of crafts here - while it is not all-inclusive, it does show the wide variety of crafts that are eligible, as well as examples that are not.

Planning to apply? Helpful read:Top ten tips for getting your business grant application accepted

The online application will be available shortly, but we know how applicants like to polish their applications, so you can review the application here.

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