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Bad Credit & Women's Business Grants

What if you have bad credit and want a business grant?

If you have bad credit, it doesn't automatically exclude you from applying for most business grants. However, it can make the situation more challenging, so it is important that you ensure you are keeping your current credit as good as possible. If your bad credit history was five years ago it will look much more favorable for you than if you are continuing to have payment problems right up to the present.

A bankruptcy can be more of an issue than a bit of bad credit in your past. So if you have filed for bankruptcy, you may find it much more difficult to get a business grant, particularly if your bankruptcy was fairly recent.

Whenever you apply for any business grant, it is important that you check all the specific guidelines for each grant carefully, as some may carry credit and debt restrictions. With many you will also be subject to a credit check, so keep that in mind when you are applying as well, especially if applying for many at once.

If you find yourself getting turned down for grants and business loans because of bad credit history, you may want to consider looking at outside lending resources, such as family members or an angel investor.

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