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Top ten tips for getting your business grant application accepted
Tip # 6- Check grant application deadlines

Yes, it is surprising that people don't double check what the application deadlines are for each business grant they are applying for. Yes, deadlines are there for a reason, and don't think for a second that just because your application has got to be better than anything else that they have received that they will overlook the fact your application should have been in three weeks earlier. So watch your deadlines and make sure you submit them with ample time for the postal service to deliver them. Because if your application is late, it WILL be disqualified.

Bottom line, look for business grants that have applications well in the future. If you are rushing to get an application in that must be postparked bt midnight today, your application will look sloppy and you greatly increase the odds you will forget to include something or forget to completely fill out the application. So always give yourself ample time to apply for any business grant, and more importantly, don't wait until the last minute to apply because you will either forget or you will not be submitting the best possible application because you will be rushing.

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