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Top ten tips for getting your business grant application accepted
Tip # 10 - Always look for business grant opportunities

New business grants are being created every day so it is important that you are always looking and checking for any new grant opportunities you could be eligible. Check our State by State resources and watch our homepage for announcements of new grants available so you can not only be the first to know about them but also so you have the most amount of time to get your application completed and submitted. Business grant opportunities won't just fall onto your lap so it is important that you take the time to seek out new grant opportunities.

If you belong to a diverse group (such as specific ethnicity, special circumstances or immigration status) be sure to check our pages that include grant listings for these groups to find grants that are applicable to you. This is also important because there is often much less competition for these types of grant opportunities.

You can apply for most business grants during any phase of your business, so if you aren't accepted for one during your prelaunch phase, you can still continue to look even after you start your business. And often, business owners find grant money most useful in their first few years in business as the money can be used for exapansion of the business.

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