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Ten things that will get your grant application denied
Tip # 10 - Not learning from previous applications

If you have been turned down for every single grant you have applied for over the last two years, it is definitely time to look and try and figure out why, because it is very likely there is either a weakness with your application or you are applying for the wrong type of grants. If you get turned down for a grant, it doesn't hurt to write a thank you letter to the grant committee and ask if there was anything in your application that caused it to be turned down, so you can improve for next time. They might not respond back, but your letter just might end up landing on the one person's desk who might take the time to write you a valuable response. You can also ask other business people for their feedback as well, so you can strengthen your next application. There might be something painfully obvious that you are missing, yet someone else can spot right away.


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