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15 Ways to Find Extra Cash from Within Your Business
Tip # 1 Are Any of the Expenses Unnecessary?

It can be hard for people to find where they can cut corners, but believe me, if I had a crack at your business plan - or even your current business, I could find many places where I could cut corners.

Examples? $1000 business chairs are a luxury, not a must have. If employees balk at things like this, you could always offer as a reward for excellent job performance, a win-win solution. Other things to consider are desks - you don't need solid oak desks, the IKEA desks or even inexpensive desks from office supply stores work just as well... and you can always replace them later when cash flow is better. Even computers - do you need the latest and fastest or would a budget model work better, at least for some of the other employees.

The easiest way to cut expenses is to decide what are "wants" and what are "needs".

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