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The deadline for our last grant has passed, but here is a copy of one of our previous applications. The application for our next series of grants will be similar to this.

If you are applying for our $500 grant for a crafter, please click here.

We also offer tips for grant applications to increase your chance of acceptance.


Directions: Copy the following questions and answer them in full. E-mail them to grants@womensbusinessgrants.com





Company Name:

Mission Statement: 

Company Description: product or service description 

Market Analysis: 

Organization and Management: 

Marketing and Sales Strategies: 

Financials: historical data or prospective data, 1, 3, 5 years income and expenses

A typical day in your business life: 

Support network in place for your business: 

Personal Strengths and Weaknesses that will affect your business and how you will use them or overcome them: 

What will you use the grant money for:

Personal Message: what one thing would you tell the judges about yourself

References: Please include 3 personal or business references with your application. Have each reference complete the following information:





Nature of Relationship:

1-6 paragraphs describing why they think you would succeed.

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